My goal is to provide services and tools to individuals and couples that improve all aspect of their lives. My mission is to raise self awareness, foster self love by implementing both classic and alternative mental health modalities thereby improving the overall health of the community.

Hi, I am Gianina.

I am a  health care practitioner with over 17 years of client care experience. My life’s purpose with unwavering dedication is to help individuals become self aware, find their truth, develop self love, becoming a better version of yourself so you can live a life full of happiness and satisfaction.  

My journey as a healer began as a child with my passion for understanding the human condition and develop meaningful relationships.  I obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Health Science and then received a Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy.  I have worked with a variety of clients from various age groups and ethnicities.  Later I joined the Yes You Can Speak Inspired Speaker program, and because of this unique and powerful program, I became a Certified CORE Repatterning practitioner. 

I am a healer, an empath, a mentor and a coach.  I am an exceptional communicator and facilitates conversations that raise awareness, promoting health and well-being.  My sincere, encouraging energy, and insightful perspective radiates; you can’t help but leave empowered. My warm-hearted energy will put you at ease, allowing you to connect to the parts of yourself you want to improve. You will then feel safe to give those parts acceptance and love, enabling them to find their voice, facilitate healing, and establish the foundation to thrive.